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When it comes to garage door issues, the skilled technicians at Blitz Garage Door Repair stand out as industry experts. Our team comprises dedicated professionals adept at diagnosing and resolving a wide array of garage door problems. Whether it’s a malfunctioning opener, a misaligned track, or a worn-out spring, we’ve got you covered.

Blitz Garage Door Repair specializes in enhancing and replacing garage doors in the Walker area. Our services cater to homeowners, home builders, and residential properties, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention and tailored solutions. We take pride in our ability to elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your garage doors.

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Why Choose our garage door Repair Service?

We know it can be hard to choose the right company to fix your garage door. How can you choose the best garage door service company to meet your needs in terms of service quality, skill, and price, when there are so many to choose from? We are sure of this (among many other things, of course!).

Company that cares about and treats its employees well

We think the best way to give excellent customer service is to treat your employees respectfully and encourage them. We’re also very proud to say that our employees get care and support that can’t be beaten.

Company that wants to meet your needs

Wouldn’t it be nice if the person who fixed your garage door was also lovely and helpful, and the people at the front desk were also friendly? This is something we know for sure, and it’s the standard we use every time we talk to a customer. We care a lot about you, the people in our community. Every day, our team members put in a lot of work to make sure that our customers are happy.


A Team of Garage Door Repair Experts in Walker

At Blitz Garage Door Repair Walker, Mi, we focus on ensuring our clients are happy and give them the advice they need to finish projects quickly and well, all without charging them extra. The project’s outcome depends on the decisions we make while fixing or repairing the garage doors on your home or business.

Our skilled and hardworking team can provide a wide range of services, including estimates, installations, repairs, replacements, and emergency services. We can help you get your insurance company to fix a damaged garage door. To fix this, all you need is the help of a professional. If you have any questions about Garage door repairs, call us. In response to your request for a garage door inspection, we will give you a free, all-inclusive service estimate and send an experienced specialist to look at your garage door. We are totally aware of how costs can add up. Because of this, the prices we charge our customers for garage door repair and replacement are reasonable. If you need any work on your garage door, don’t hesitate to call us at Garage Door Repair Walker, Mi. We have a team of top installers who can do their job to their best.

Our Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Spring Repairs

To work correctly, the proper size spring must be installed on every garage door. If a door’s springs break, the door becomes unbalanced, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to open by hand. We also do the electric garage door repairs and automatic garage door repairs, 

When this happens, we inform our patrons that they should not enter through that entrance..

Garage Door Cables

If you see any signs that the wires on your door are about to break, call our Walker, Mi garage door repair company immediately. If any of the cables in your home break, you and your family are in immediate danger.  When you open or close a garage door with frayed cables, it will make strange sounds and be hard to lift by hand.If the line breaks, the door will be very hard to lift. If you or someone you care about has any of these symptoms, you shouldn’t risk your health. Do not try to open the garage door until a trained professional has checked the wires

Garage Door Panels

The weather and careless drivers can be rough on garage doors, so it’s not surprising that they sometimes break or get damaged. If your door is only broken in a few places, you won’t have to replace the whole thing. We can help you fix a single panel or many panels while keeping the original color and style of the garage door. By calling our garage door repairs service in Walker, you can be sure that the broken panels will be fixed. This will protect the door’s structural integrity and make it last as long as possible. Even the most robust garage doors get out of balance from time to time, but with our quick and careful help, you won’t have to wait long for yours to work again. 

Garage Door's Rollers

How many different kinds of rollers are there for garage doors? The nylon, steel, or plastic rollers on your garage door make it easy to open and close. When these rollers get broken, it’s essential to fix them for several reasons.

Rollers made of nylon and plastic tend to wear out quickly, especially if they were put on heavy doors in the wrong place. If the tracks aren’t well-maintained or oiled, they can sometimes come loose from the wall or break.


There can be several reasons why your garage door might stuck. Most of the time, it’s because of loose wires, cables, or broken springs. When the spring split, a loud bang could be heard all over the house. A power outage is another thing that could cause a garage door not to work. 

It’s essential to check that your outlets and circuit breaker are wired correctly. Your door’s metal tracks could have also come loose. If you are not a trained professional, don’t try to fix by yourself. If you don’t know how to lift or repair an oversized garage door, you could hurt yourself if you try to. 

Warranty depends on many factors. Different service have different warranty durations. Contact us for more details

A garage door repair in Walker will typically set you back about $223 on average. From a low of $75 to a high of $561, most projects fall somewhere in the range of $147 to $327.



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